External Bugs

This page lists bugs, enhancements or tasks regarding external packages that were filed by NVDA developers or are of interest for NVDA.



  • MozillaBug:414491: Too many accessible events when typing in Firefox3 location bar
  • MozillaBug:414721: state change to denote deselection of list items gets fired after user requests focus change but before focus change event gets fired
  • MozillaBug:423409: All user interaction script events should be exposed as accessible actions
  • MozillaBug:360510: checkbox table cells in subscribe dialog do not provide checked/unchecked state
  • MozillaBug:439205: IAccessible2 role exposed as IA2_ROLE_UNKNOWN for child elements in lists styled as tables
  • MozillaBug:414302: Incorrect selection events in HTML, XUL and ARIA (originally filed because of XUL tabs)
  • MozillaBug:466772: No events fired on a combo box when it is closed
  • MozillaBug:474893: When tabbing, HTML <select> lists should fire a focus event on the selected child
  • MozillaBug:475869: NODE_CHILD_OF relationship broken for the list inside some combo boxes created with HTML <select>



  • MozillaBug:339227: Moving entries between address books using the keyboard (cut/copy/paste cards)
  • MozillaBug:370437: Button popup for selecting columns to display (in message list pane) must be keyboard accessible



  • Bug 2074610: accessibility: Cannot tab to controls in Preferences dialog



  • #10052: bogus timer id assertion in wxTimerProc if timer stopped when it is about to fire